A powerful geospatial information system API to fuel data-driven decisions for greener and safer mobility

Vianova Sandbox provides enriched mobility-provider data alongside state of the art geo-features and predictive models in a powerfully intuitive interface.

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A dedicated pipeline for a end-to-end MOBINT approach

Vianova Sandbox draws and structures a variety of data from several sources into exploitable mobility intelligence (MOBINT), making the final output completely BI-software agnostic. Hence, one needs only to select the right combination of data queries adapted to the purpose, in order to display a modular and comprehensive solution to various situations.

Ready-to-use MOBINT
BI-software agnostic
Real-time inferences
Scalability up to 1k requests/sec.

Unified database and full stack interoperability

The power and modularity of the Vianova Sandbox relies on its unified lake of structured data, where siloes are broken. Combined with our experience in data engineering, we designed a unique mobility oriented data hub to ensure our algorithms are trained only on the most relevant data and tested on the most realistic use cases.

From data to insights in seconds
Unmatched reliability
Supporting multiple programming languages

Algorithm factory for powerful data science use cases

Delivering solutions to clients from different industries and of different sizes across the world, drives us to achieve high performances on very specific applications, where ad-hoc data models built in-house would reach their limits and be costly to create from scratch. Our team has industrialized the algorithm creation process to create new models, better and faster than any other company in our sector.

State-of-the art models
Focus on building
Serve multiple and complex data science use cases

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Open API
Future Proof
Open Source Technologies
GDPR compliant
+50 data agreements
Made in the EU with a global team