Reliable and sharable mobility data for the whole ecosystem

Instantly access, integrate, and share accurate mobility data streams from a growing set of global cities. Customize your data requests and easily search through our data warehouse of real time and historical data.

+50 Mobility Data Connectors

Instantly access, integrate and share dynamic and reliable mobility data streams from multiple sources within a self-service catalog. Search through our data warehouse thanks to easy queries and a plug & play interface.

Custom Mobility Intelligence

Pull data from the platform in order to perform your own customized computations and visualisations. Access the specific mobility information you need to improve your intelligence, services and operations. Use aggregate data to serve additional use cases.

Real Time Data for MaaS Initiatives

Enrich your mobility offering with shared and on-demand transportation options, using a real-time integrated API. Strengthen first and last mile connections to public transport and satisfy every customer journey.

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